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Our Simulators run GS PRO, the next generation of golf simulator software. GS PRO offers the most realistic ball physics for unmatched realism. This Software has been praised by the golf simulator community as the leader in graphics and realism. No more hitting fairway woods out of deep rough, or smashing a ball through the trees, GS PRO has been designed to make the golfing experience as true to life as technology allows. Complemented by 4K graphics this software puts you as close as possible to standing on the tee block of some of the best and most exclusive golf clubs in the world!

Prefer local courses? Anytime golf has many local courses available for you to play and practice on. If your local course is not available feel free to message us at to see if it can be added to our course library


GSPRO offers the player endless options for play. From different play styles like stroke play, match play, or scramble, to endless tee options GSPRO is versatile enough for any type of player (all courses even have a junior tee!) 

Hole 13 - Augusta National

Hole 9 - Ottercreek Golf Club

See current course list HERE

Please refer to our Help Videos section for tips of navigating GSPRO software

Hole 18 - Whistling Straits

GSPRO' stunning visual graphics along with our 4k laser projectors will put immerse you into the action like never before, giving you the feeling of standing on the tee blocks of some of the most prestigeous courses in the world.

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